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Re: [libvirt] adding bandwidth control support

Jim Meyering at 2009-1-5 23:50 wrote:
Max Zhen <Max Zhen Sun COM> wrote:

I'm working on adding bandwidth control support in
virt-install/virsh/libvirt on Xen.
This support can allow setting bandwidth control in dom0 (I'm working on
Solaris dom0 now) for virtual nic devices used in a domU.
I've attached my design in this email.
Basically, this design is about how to represent bandwidth limit
information in command line for virsh/virt-install and how to represent
it in current XML configuration file for a domU.

Hi Max,

Can the vif "rate=..." setting do what you want?

Hi Jim,

Yes, that is my first step to support bandwidth control in Solaris dom0 (by leveraging 'rate=' in '.py' config file working with xm). But, since virsh/libvirt is much more popular now, I think that it would be a good idea to support bandwidth in libvirt.
This is why I'd like to add it to XML format config file :).
What is your concern to support rate option in XML file?


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