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RE: [libvirt] RE: Libvirt - Xen Enterprise - Koan


Here is a response we received from Citrix:


Please see below the reply I had from one of the XenServer Systems Engineers:


Back in November we released a number SDKs to interface with our existing and feature rich XAPI.  We have a number of customers and partners using this API for the management of their virtual infrastructures.


Forgive my ignorance but I have never heard of the libvirt library which is not even part of the VMAN DMTF which is meant to be an industry standard. http://www.dmtf.org/standards/mgmt/vman/. Is libvirt a more of a Redhat focused initiative and is the customer asking this question focused on Linux and Windows or just Linux?


The completion of the XenServer 5.0 SDK Refresh project, culminating in a release-to-web of


   * A completely new PowerShell snap-in for XenServer (XS-PS).  This is a one-to-one exposure of the existing XenServer API as PowerShell cmdlets, exposing the complete XenServer API to PowerShell users for the first time.

   * libxenserver: The XenServer C SDK

   * XenServer.NET: The XenServer C#.NET SDK

   * XenServerJava: The XenServer Java SDK

   * XenAPI.py: The XenServer Python module

   * Tidied-up versions of the XenServer API Javadoc and PDF.


All this can be downloaded from CDN at




 I will drop a line to one of our engineers that leads the development of the SDK tools for the XenServer API and see what comes back.


Please encourage your customer to check out the enclosed link to the XenServer SDKs and provide some feedback.


Please let me know if this helps in any way.






From: Ben Guthro [mailto:bguthro virtualiron com]
Sent: 07 January 2009 20:39
To: veillard redhat com
Cc: Atsushi SAKAI; libvir-list redhat com; Gerhardus Geldenhuis (GTA-LON)
Subject: Re: [libvirt] RE: Libvirt - Xen Enterprise - Koan


FYI - The XenAPI has some similarities with XenEnterprise's API - but they forked away from the open source model a while ago.

I agree with you that the XenAPI list is mostly dead. I haven't seem anyone contributing to it in a while...

Daniel Veillard wrote on 01/07/2009 07:20 AM:

On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 09:55:18AM +0900, Atsushi SAKAI wrote:
  Just one question.
  How about using XenAPI for XenEnterprise?
I am not familiar with XenEnterprise.
But It should have some API for a developer.
 Well the public XenAPI list seems mostly dead but
there are reports of incompatibilities between their
proprietary and old open sounce versions. Check the
archives, it doesn't look good.

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