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RE: [libvirt] RE: Libvirt - Xen Enterprise - Koan

One more response:

I have just had this response from Citrix XS engineering in the US:

"libvirt is Red Hat's offering and although the original query states that "unfortunately the Citrix implementation has departed from the standard" Red Hat are the ones who wrote the standard in the first place.

What's actually happened is the open-source Xen toolstack has fallen behind the Xen-API work, because no-one's putting anything into OSS at that level in the stack now (possibly with the exception of Red Hat).
To my knowledge there is no effort ongoing to make a libvirt-Citrix driver, though such a thing wouldn't be hard.  The SDKs that you've already referred to are the right place to start.

In general, libvirt is basically a "lowest common denominator" library
-- it will let you talk to multiple virtualization platforms with the same API.  If you want to do that, great, but the downside is always that you lose functionality on the way.

If the customer wants to use this Red Hat product, then writing a libvirt-Citrix driver would be fine (and they are free to open-source it too).

On the other hand, if they're starting more or less from scratch (and the version number "0.3" suggests that), then you're going to get a much tighter integration if you use our SDKs directly, and the result will be significantly better."

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