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Re: [libvirt] adding bandwidth control support

Jim Meyering at 2009-1-10 1:18 wrote:
Max Zhen <Max Zhen Sun COM> wrote:
Jim Meyering at 2009-1-5 23:50 wrote:
Max Zhen <Max Zhen Sun COM> wrote:
I'm working on adding bandwidth control support in
virt-install/virsh/libvirt on Xen.
This support can allow setting bandwidth control in dom0 (I'm working on
Solaris dom0 now) for virtual nic devices used in a domU.
I've attached my design in this email.
Basically, this design is about how to represent bandwidth limit
information in command line for virsh/virt-install and how to represent
it in current XML configuration file for a domU.
Hi Max,

Can the vif "rate=..." setting do what you want?


Hi Jim,

Yes, that is my first step to support bandwidth control in Solaris
dom0 (by leveraging 'rate=' in '.py' config file working with xm).
But, since virsh/libvirt is much more popular now, I think that it
would be a good idea to support bandwidth in libvirt.
This is why I'd like to add it to XML format config file :).
What is your concern to support rate option in XML file?

Hi Max,

In principle, I have no objection at all.
Since you didn't mention the "time window" parameter
discussed there, I wondered if you'd seen it.

As long as we're looking at extending the interface XML, are there other
things to consider, like interface bonding and failover?  This is QoS
oriented, so should we consider something more sophisticated than a one-
or two-parameter bandwidth control?
Hi Jim,

Yes, it would be nice if we have a total solution for QoS support in virsh/libvirtd and I wouldn't claim that I'm trying to solve that problem in my current design. I think that it is just one step toward that goal. The reason to choose to just support bandwidth limit is that bandwidth is currently the only parameter explicitly supported by Xen (in xend, to be specific).

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