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Re: [libvirt] PATCH: 0/25: Full thread support for libvirt public API

"Daniel P. Berrange" <berrange redhat com> wrote:
> This patch series is (mostly) aimed at providing full support for threads
> in the libvirt API. Specifically we remove the restriction that a single
> virConnectPtr is tied to a thread. Multiple threads can safely use the
> same object (provided one doesn't free it behind another's back :-P )
> This is tested to compile on Linux + Win32 (MinGW), hopefully doesn't
> break Solaris, but I'll be testing that soon too.
> I've tortured the patches in various nasty ways are they're now stable
> enough to let loose and probably merge for wider testing. It'll probably
> be easier to just fix future problems in tree, rather than maintain this
> patchset longer.
> The full patchset is also available here
>   http://berrange.fedorapeople.org/libvirt-threads-2009-01-13/


In order to make it easier for others to evaluate, I've applied all
of that, massaging headers so that "git am --whitespace=fix" would
do the right thing.  The sole non-whitespace change was to remove a
single conflicting hunk in #17, which was due to my s/X_OK/R_OK/ fix.
The result is now in the mirrored git tree:


Once you have a clone of the tree (or if you have an
existing one), you can check out that branch like this:

    git checkout -b danpb-threads origin/danpb-threads

I expect to rebase it as things evolve, and eventually
to discard it once everything makes it to "master".

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