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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Introduce virt-console

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 01:51:21PM +0000, John Levon wrote:
> No - if this ever happens, it will not break pty-using code. Again, what
> test are you thinking of to detect that the pty code is STREAMS based?
> I'm not being obstructive here - I genuinely cannot conceive what such a
> test would look like.

I think something as simple as:


is sufficient to check whether the libc claims to support STREAMS.  If
it turns out that someone has installed a buggy STREAMS
implementation, we can make the check more fine-grained later.



Richard Jones, Emerging Technologies, Red Hat  http://et.redhat.com/~rjones
virt-df lists disk usage of guests without needing to install any
software inside the virtual machine.  Supports Linux and Windows.

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