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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Fix vm define error with back compat console device

"Daniel P. Berrange" <berrange redhat com> wrote:
>>   + virsh --connect qemu:///session define devs.xml
> Shouldn't use qemu:///session for test cases like this - this is what
> the test:///default driver is for, avoiding the fragility & danger of
> using the daemon & live hypervisor drivers.

There's no failure with test:///default.
But I'll adjust it to use the new unix_sock_dir config option I proposed.
However, when run by root, it'll still leave logs in the wrong place,
which is currently hard-coded, so I'll have to do more.
Either add a config. directive to change the root (log/sockdir,etc)
directory, or yet another config setting, just for the log.
Preference: log_dir or log_file?

> Can you pass that XML through xmllint -format so is has more

Good idea.  Done.

> readable indentation - good to remove all the disk/interface/hostdev
> devices too, since they're not relevant to the test in question.

too much hubris ;-)
Done, too.

>> +libvirtd > log 2>&1 & pid=$!
>> +sleep 1
> No need for the libvirtd daemon if using the test driver.

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