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[libvirt] RE: Probs connecting QEMU hypervisor with URL ?

One more - i tried do debug this problem 
with the debug-enviroment variable - it seems like 
libvirt can't connect the qemu hypervisor ...

Hmm, in xen-enviroment, there's a xend daemon running - but
in qemu-enviroment ? There's no separate daemon "qemud" or similar 
running ... so, again's which or what will libvirt try to connect to ?

Maybe a remote access to from libirt to qemu CAN NOT work ?
maybe this would be a additional info for libvirt-docu ?


[root xen03 ~]# LIBVIRT_DEBUG=SPAM virsh -c
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virInitialize (register drivers)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterDriver (registering Test as driver 0)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterNetworkDriver (registering Test as network
driver 0)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterStorageDriver (registering Test as storage
driver 0)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterDriver (registering Xen as driver 1)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterDriver (registering OPENVZ as driver 2)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterDriver (registering remote as driver 3)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterNetworkDriver (registering remote as
network driver 1)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterStorageDriver (registering remote as
storage driver 1)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virRegisterDeviceMonitor (registering remote as device
driver 0)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: virConnectOpenAuth
(name=qemu+tls://xxx03.domainname.com, auth=0x35ce2930a0, flags=0)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (name "qemu+tls://xxx03.domainname.com" to URI
  scheme qemu+tls
  opaque (null)
  authority (null)
  server xxx03.domainname.com
  user (null)
  port 0
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (trying driver 0 (Test) ...)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (driver 0 Test returned DECLINED)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (trying driver 1 (Xen) ...)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (driver 1 Xen returned DECLINED)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (trying driver 2 (OPENVZ) ...)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (driver 2 OPENVZ returned DECLINED)
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (trying driver 3 (remote) ...)
DEBUG: remote_internal.c: doRemoteOpen (proceeding with name = qemu://)
DEBUG: remote_internal.c: initialise_gnutls (loading CA file
DEBUG: remote_internal.c: initialise_gnutls (loading client cert and key
from files /etc/pki/libvirt/clientcert.pem and
libvir: Fehler : could not connect to qemu://
DEBUG: libvirt.c: do_open (driver 3 remote returned ERROR)
DEBUG: datatypes.c: virUnrefConnect (unref connection 0x1c60120 1)
DEBUG: datatypes.c: virReleaseConnect (release connection 0x1c60120)
Fehler: Verbindung zum Hypervisor scheiterte
[root xxx03 ~]#

[root@ xxx03 ~]# virsh version
Kompiliert gegen die Bibliothek: libvir 0.5.1
Verwende Bibliothek: libvir 0.5.1
Verwende API: QEMU 0.5.1
Laufender Hypervisor: QEMU 0.9.1

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