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Re: [libvirt] Clock problems with Windows guests and Xen

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 01:33:21PM -0500, Matthew Donovan wrote:
> When I start Windows guests with libvirt my clocks are 5 hours off.  When I
> use a Xen configuration file, I can specify an offset (rtc_timeoffset =
> -18000) to get my clock to sync with the host.  Is there a way to do specify
> this offset in XML with libvirt?  
> Right now, I'm using version 0.4.4 but I downloaded the source for 0.5.1 and
> it looks like that part of domain_conf.c hasn't changed.

Sounds like you have the wrong clock offset setting, in the XML. There
are two options:

        <clock offset="localtime"/>
        <clock offset="utc"/>

Usually for Windows you want the 'localtime' one since it is dumb at time
keeping & DST shifts.

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