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Re: [libvirt] RFC: configuring host interfaces with libvirt

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
Hi David,

On Fri, 2009-01-16 at 22:23 +0000, David Lutterkort wrote:
 > > <bridge name="br0" stp="off" onboot="yes">
  <member device="eth2"/>
  <dhcp peerdns="yes"/>
I don't think we want to define a bridge here, but more that an
interface is shared - i.e. this is a property of eth2.

Note this line.

The main concern is that this is the way I'd expect NetworkManager to
support it - i.e. that you could configure NetworkManager to share eth0,
rather than ask it to create br0 and add eth0 to it.

If you just want to create a bridge, you can creati a virtual network.

Sorry to chime in so late... the virtual network support only allows the user to define bridges with NAT/routed forwarding.

Is it possible to use DHCP to configure the bridge device itself using
that, similar to what's described in [1] ? And have guest's DHCP
requests forwarded across the bridge ? The docs only talk about static
IP assignments for the bridge device.

That configuration is what I'm calling a "shared physical interface".

I wouldn't be surprised if NetworkManager could only be used for this
exact configuration rather than any possible variation of bridge

Which is why I'm suggesting just using a "shared" property on a
interface - this property would imply the creation of a bridge.

Not sure if I'm missing the mark here..

Would the still behave as a virtual network pool in this case? If multiple guests are tied to the same bridge, it would be useful to represent this as some kind of pool or grouping.

Kaitlin Rupert
IBM Linux Technology Center
kaitlin linux vnet ibm com

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