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Re: [libvirt] more options for virt-manager

Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> I noticed that the command line qemu and qemu-kvm offer a number of options 
> such as using vmware display and addition sound card emulation as compared to 
> that when using virt-manager.
> Are there any plans to add these as options to virt-manager?

Setting a video card model (vmware, vga, etc.) support was just added to
libvirt yesterday, I've already started working on virt-manager support.

For sound card emulation, virt-manager should provide the important stuff (at
least the latest virt-manager version). What qemu option in particular do you

> As a more general question, is there some document which describes the plans, 
> roadmaps, etc. for Fedora Virtualization (or should I say Linux Virtualization 
> since it does apply to other distributions as well)?

No real centralized place. virt-manager has a roadmap here:


Though I really don't stay on top of it as much as I should.

You can also check out proposed fedora virtualization features here:


> I pick up tid-bits in various messages and bug reports such as libvirt 
> supporting vmware and "pool storage" providing some improvements but I do not 
> have an overall picture as to what is planned.  While developers may do some 
> things sooner rather than later because they are easy to do, we users may have 
> some preferences as to what features/capabilities are more important to us 
> than others.

If there are features you want, the best thing to do (besides scratching your
own itch and implementing it yourself) is file a bug with as much info as
possible, so the request isn't lost in the fray. This will also allow other
people to 'me too' the feature. See:


- Cole

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