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Re: [libvirt] OpenVZ : The restriction of domain name should be addressed

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 05:47:10PM +0900, Yuji NISHIDA wrote:
> Hi,
> "The current libvirt OpenVZ driver has a restriction that the domain  
> names must match the OpenVZ container VEID"
> I really want to have domain name as character, not integer.
> It could help me very much if any patch against this problem would be  
> released.
> Is there anyone tackling this problem now?( or going to? )
> Otherwise, any hint would help me.

  I don't think anybody has tried to handle this. The problem I think
is that the mapping would have to be stored and if the hypervisor
doesn't support this maintaining this data in a coherent fashion
will be non-trivial. In any case the design for such a patch should
be discussed here first and with the openvz maintainers to make sure
the effort isn't wasted.


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