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Re: [libvirt] migration fails

jens schrieb:

I tried to migrate a kvm domain to a second identical machine with the
virsh migrate --live dom1 qemu+ssh://second.machine.org/system which
leads me to an unresponsive virsh on the second machine - 'virsh list'
just takes forever and qemu wasn't started (the domain was not
migrated), finally I have to kill libvirtd on the second machine.

Because I'm new to libvirt I searched the web to find a solution for
this behavior but without success.

Please can someone on the list point me to the right direction how I can
use libvirt to migrate kvm domains?

I use kernel and kvm-85 with libvirt 0.6.2 on an debian
unstable system.

Attached are debug logs generated by the source- and destination-machine.

Thank you very much
I put on the mailing list the exact same question two times:
but to no avail: I received no answer up to now.

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