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[libvirt] Re: [PATCH 0/7] virStorageVolCreateXMLFrom API

On 05/04/2009 01:42 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:
> Hi all,
> The following patches implement a new API call: virStorageVolCreateXMLFrom.
> virStorageVolPtr
> virStorageVolCreateXMLFrom(virStoragePoolPtr pool,
>                            const char *xmldesc,
>                            unsigned int flags,
>                            virStorageVolPtr clonevol)
> Arguments function similar to the regular volume create API, except the
> parameter 'clonevol' is used as the input source. The API allows for
> volume cloning, possibly across pools, or within the same pool but converting
> volume formats.
> Tests I performed (and ensured that a VM booted without complaints from the
> new image):
> Raw -> Raw (with successful sparse detection)
> Raw -> QCOW2
> QCOW2 -> Raw
> QCOW2 -> QCOW2
> Raw partition ('disk' volume) -> Raw file
> Thanks,
> Cole

I committed patches 1-4 (Public API w/ docs, remote driver, test driver,
virsh cmds), with the API interface change recommended by DV (moving
flags to the end of the parameter list).

I'll post the updated storage driver implementation soon.


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