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Re: [libvirt] Remote access and libvirtd


Essentially I want to be able to access ESX remotely using the libvirt python binding to mainly control a VM (start,stop,suspend,snapshot). My concern was that I needed to install and run libvirtd on ESX to do that. But it sounds like the libvirt ESX support essentially uses the SOAP API. So it should work with libvirt installed on just the client correct?

Thanks again,

On Nov 5, 2009, at 11:39 AM, Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:

Anno domini 2009 Dave Bryson scripsit:

Hi Dave!

(Moved the thread back to the list, hope thats OK)

Thank you for the response.  I'm working with ESX and am looking at
libvirt to see if it would be beneficial to use over the ESX SOAP API
(i'm not a SOAP fan). But in the case of remote access it doesn't appear
that libvirt will be able to help me.

Well, the ESX driver is working completely remote and should therefore
be helpful.

The driver only uses the VI API, which practically is SOAP, to
communicate with the server.

If you could describe the problem you are facing a bit more precisly,
one could give you some hints about how to solve this.

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