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Re: [libvirt] Need second private network between guests's

Adam Mooz wrote:
I'm a new guy to the list and libvirt but I'm guessing you'll be looking at the config section of dnsmasq if you'd like dynamically assigned IP's from the VM's to be on the 172 network.
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On 2009-11-09, at 11:22 PM, Gerry Reno wrote:

I've got a shared device 'br0' between my host and all my guests. The guests are now on the host network. What do I need to do in order to setup a second 'private' network between the guests? My host network is on 192.168 and I'd like the second private network on 172.19.

Hi there new guy. Ok, first rule of lists: no top posting. Too hard to follow threads of conversation that way.

I'm not worried about how the addresses will be assigned, either static or dynamic. I need the network stanzas that are necessary in the xml file in order to establish a second private network between the guests.


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