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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Prevent initializing ebtables if disabled in qemu.conf

Cole Robinson <crobinso redhat com> wrote on 11/11/2009 02:34:17 AM:

> Also, hijacking this patch a bit to point out a few small issues I
> with the ebtables code (cc-ing Gerhard)

Apologies for any inconviences...

> The mac_filter value in qemu.conf isn't documented and isn't commented
out by
> default, unlike the other values in the conf file. I think it would be
good to
> match existing convention.

ok. I will fix this with a separate patch.

> Even though we check for the ebtables binary in configure, we don't
> the driver if the binary doesn't exist (like it didn't on my rawhide
> This causes it to print lots of error messages on libvirtd startup. It
> be nice to find a way to just VIR_DEBUG that the binary wasn't found and
> initializing the driver.

ok. I will look into this.

> Thanks,
> Cole

Best regards,

Gerhard Stenzel, Linux on Cell/Hybrid Technologies, LTC

IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Martin Jetter | Geschäftsführung: Erich
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Böblingen | Registergericht: Amtsgericht Stuttgart,
HRB 243294

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