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Re: [libvirt] stat() vs. access()

Anno domini 2009 Daniel P. Berrange scripsit:

> > While discussing some code with Matthias, we stumbled across many occurances
> > of stat() calls within the libVirt code (virFileExists() for example) which
> > could be implemented in a cheaper way when using access() instead of stat(),
> > when the only purpose is to check for the existance of a file.

> > The one thing I'm concerned about, is the question if access() does the right
> > thing in all situations. As the manpages didn't tell anything about
> > directories it might be worth to clarify this in advance.

> > A simple practical test showed that
> >   access ("/path/to/dir", F_OK)
> > seems to work as expected.

> > Any comments on these (optimization) thoughs?

> I don't see any problems with this idea, so if you want to do the conversion
> go for it.

Ok, I will have a look at this when I have a bit time these days.

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