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Re: [libvirt] Re: [Patch v0.4] iSCSI Multi-IQN (Libvirt Support)

Shyam_Iyer Dell com wrote:
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On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 04:37:02PM +0530, Shyam_Iyer Dell com wrote:

2) By using iscsiadm commands like the following
# iscsiadm -m iface -I <iface_name> -o new
# iscsiadm -m iface -I iface1 --op=update -n iface.initiatorname
In that case, why don't we make libvirt automatically set things
way whenever it sees the IQN in the XML file.

We don't change the default initiatorname with libvirt/virt
today right ? So, we haven't added any apis to manage the iface
name using libvirt as such.

But if required by virt-manager(to create a single window of
the iface file could be constructed using libvirt apis that call
iscsiadm commands detailed in method 2)
We don't need to add any new APIs for this - just automatically
mapping whenever logging into a target with a IQN that we don't
know about

How do we ensure that the iqn is not already known and libvirt is
creating the corresponding iface file for the first time?
That would mean searching through the IFACES_DIR which has been
in the thread...
Now that you've explained why this searching in IFACE_DIR was needed,
I've no problem with that approach. We should search through
to find the iface mapping, if none is found, then run those 2 commands
you show above in order to create a new mapping

Ok. Thanks.

Dan and I took another look at this, and we think that parsing the output of iscsiadm is the right way to go, since the relevant information is available there. It's what we're doing in the rest of the code, as well as (IMO) less likely to change between builds of iscsiadm/distros/etc. Sorry about the conflicting advice.

Also, how do we go about creating unique iface filenames when
automatically creating them using libvirt ?
I don't know what naming convention is used in IFACES_DIR, but I'd say
just follow whatever's used already

What I mean here is how do I create unique file names through libvirt.
Today a unique iface file name is created by the user manually.

So, should mkstemp be used... with a template feed of the initiator iqn
name ?

Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, the filename is the interface name, so what we're talking about here is generating a unique interface name? Assuming that's the case, you could use a randomly generated string, although personally I find those things somewhat difficult to keep in mind. You could also just append a monotonically increasing value, but I don't have too strong an opinion about how you do it.

Any way you generate the interface name, you should use iscsiadm to create the interface.


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