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Re: [libvirt] Safe? /etc/libvirt/qemu on shared storage?

James Brackinshaw wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a directory /mnt/shared-storage where the disk files for kvm
> live. Live migration works well, but I have a problem: after a
> migration I see two guests, one on the original host "shutoff" and one
> on the new host "running".
> I'd like to see the guest only on the host it is running on.
> Would it be safe/recommended to put the /etc/libvirt/qemu directory on
> shared storage? What would the best way of doing this be?
> Is this lock safe?

No, this is not safe, and won't do what you expect either.  This will almost
certainly corrupt your guest config files.

Currently, the migration code assumes that you want to leave the migrated guest
defined but not running on the "source" of the migration, and that you want to
leave it running but not defined (transient) on the "destination" of the migration.

I have some upcoming patches to the migration code that allow you to tweak the
behavior.  That is, they allow you to undefine the guest on the source if you
wish, and/or permanently define the guest on the destination if you wish.

Chris Lalancette

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