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Re: [libvirt] Safe? /etc/libvirt/qemu on shared storage?

> If you're going to have a cluster of hosts between which you can move
> guests, you should really aim to store all your master configs elsewhere
> in shared storage, and either use transient guests (which have no
> config in /etc/libvirt), or persistent guests and only have configs in
> /etc/libvirt for the guests which happens to be running on that node

So transient doesn't store the configs in /etc/libvirt - where are
they stored? and what happens if the guest is shutdown?
If persistent guests only store the config on that node, what is the
normal mode called?

I can't find any documentation on this, can you point me somewhere on
how I can use this and read up on it?

> Using some kind of cluster management software is a good idea to safely
> deal with this

Would you mind elaborating on this? What would the cluster management
software do here?


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