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Re: [libvirt]: Not able to login to container when cgroup is enabled

R> can you help me here ?

Probably not, I'm not familiar with cgconfig nor the latest cgroup
support in libvirt.

R> 14:47:24.556: warning : qemudStartup:565 : Unable to create cgroup
R> for driver: No such device or address

My guess is that this means you don't have the cgroup filesystem
mounted, or it's mounted in a way that prevents libvirt from doing its
work.  IIRC, there are things you can do to the system that require a
reboot to undo.  If cgconfig is setting up the cgroups in such a way,
you might need to reboot between stopping cgconfig and trying libvirt
by itself.

R> But when i start cgconfig service, then i am not able to open
R> console for my container.

Again, knowing nothing of cgconfig, I can only speculate that it's
doing something to prevent accessing the console pty.

I would push on the libcgroup folks to help figure out what it's doing
(either by default or with your config) to prevent that and then go
from there.

Dan Smith
IBM Linux Technology Center
email: danms us ibm com

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