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Re: [Libcg-devel] [libvirt]: Not able to login to container when cgroup is enabled

On Wed, Oct 07, 2009 at 06:57:48AM -0700, Dan Smith wrote:
> R> can you help me here ?
> Probably not, I'm not familiar with cgconfig nor the latest cgroup
> support in libvirt.
> R> 14:47:24.556: warning : qemudStartup:565 : Unable to create cgroup
> R> for driver: No such device or address
> My guess is that this means you don't have the cgroup filesystem
> mounted, or it's mounted in a way that prevents libvirt from doing its
> work.  IIRC, there are things you can do to the system that require a
> reboot to undo.  If cgconfig is setting up the cgroups in such a way,
> you might need to reboot between stopping cgconfig and trying libvirt
> by itself.

Or the cgroups are being setup in funny fashion. Rishi, what does your
config file look like?

> R> But when i start cgconfig service, then i am not able to open
> R> console for my container.
> Again, knowing nothing of cgconfig, I can only speculate that it's
> doing something to prevent accessing the console pty.

cgconfig does nothing apart from setup the cgroup filesystem as
mentioned in the configuration files.

> I would push on the libcgroup folks to help figure out what it's doing
> (either by default or with your config) to prevent that and then go
> from there.

Would appreciate any help from the libvirt folks who have worked on the
cgroup support in libvirt.


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