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Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: [libvirt] dynamic scsi disk attach seems to be broken in qemu(-kvm)-0.11, libvirt-0.7.1

I would like some advice on how to proceed with this bug, and where
the solution lies...in qemu or in libvirt.  Ultimately, I would like
the behavior we had in our previous release with kvm-84 and
libvirt-0.6.1, where we could dynamically add scsi devices without a
problem, using:
  pci_add 1 storage file=/tmp/foo,if=scsi

Can anyone else reproduce this?  Is this considered a regression by
anyone else?  Where should I look to solve this, in libvirt, or in

Independently of what I said about libvirt not implementing SCSI hotplug
with the right apporoach, the pci-add stuff should definitely work, so if it doesn't then this is a regression that needs to be fixed

There's definitely a bug somewhere. When you add a second PCI controller, the controller shows up in the guest but the disk attached to the controller isn't visible. Rescanning the scsi bus does not make the disk appear either.


Anthony Liguori

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