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Re: [libvirt] cannot set ownership on /nfs/mounted/image.iso: Operation not permitted

On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 02:27:22PM +0200, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
> I having libvirt run qemu as non-root, but I don't think libvirt should
> try chowning image files. Cerntainly not if they sit on a root_squashing
> nfs server.

There was no good answer to this - either you force the admin to change
all the permissions, or libvirt changes them. We went for the latter
because it was the only way to avoid breaking everyones VMs upon upgrade
of libvirt. We probably need to make this more flexible, by adding ability
to say whether permissions should be managed automatically, or manually
as we did with SELinux labels.

> Also, the behavior of libvirt in this regard is a bit surprising
> for local image files and even for host devices. It should be enough
> that an image is accessible to qemu; it does not have to be owned by it.

Figuring out whether an image is accessible though is a non-trivial 
problem - you'll have to do many checks against the file & parent
directories, and groups.

The ultimate plan though is that if an app uses the storage APIs for
creating volumes to back guest VMs, it should be able to specify the
correct ownership/permission against the storage pool. All volumes
would then inherit this when created, and everything be correct when
time comes to start the VM, avoiding the need for any modification
at that point

> The fact that qemuDomainSetAllDeviceOwnership() with restore=1 does not
> really restore ownership of device/file but force-chowns it to root:root
> is anouther surprise.

Restoring is something that needs to be improved upon because it impacts
SELinux labelling too. We can't simply track the original perms against
the VM though, because this doesn't work with shared disks where you 
only want to restore when the last VM shuts down, and you don't want to
neccessarily use the original permissions that VM saw. 

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