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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Priority of vzctl create should be lower

Hi Chris,

I think vzctl create command invokes processes which occupy CPU and Disk I/O. It seems clearly necessary for such commands to prevent from running prior to other processes.

But I almost agree with you. We should have flexibility about it for users. As you said if it requires to encode policy into libvirt, we should avoid it still now.
And I want to spend more time in writing some other patches :)

Yuji Nishida
nishidy nict go jp

On 2009/10/26, at 21:15, Chris Lalancette wrote:

Yuji NISHIDA wrote:
Hi all

About OpenVZ, it uses vzctl command that produces tar/gzip commands.
I think we should lower these commands for running other procedures
prior to them.
This is the patch to achieve it with nice/ionice commands.

I'm not sure that this is such a good idea, as it is encoding policy into libvirt. There have been other requests for being able to set the priorities of certain domains, so it might make sense to have a more generic "priority" concept that could be set by the user. Then the user would specify how important a particular task is, and we wouldn't be putting any policy into
libvirt itself.

Chris Lalancette

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