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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/2] Fix a couple problems encountered during virInterface testing

When testing all the different possibilities of interfaces with the
new netcf release + my latest libvirt patches (ACKed, but not yet
committed), I came across some problems, addressed by the following
two patches.

The first patch is for a bug that crept in due to a last minute change
suggested in danpb's review - I missed changing a couple places to
account for changing the initial value of "ret". It could alternately
be squashed into this patch, which hasn't yet been committed:


The second patch loosens up the parsing of vlan, bond, and bridge
interface XML because the live config XML doesn't know how to get
those items yet. I believe the necessary items can be learned and
included by the time for the *next* libvirt release, but think that
the new functionality there already is too useful (and too needy of
more hands to test) to delay the entire set for that long.

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