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Re: [libvirt] udev node device backend

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 12:16:40PM +0100, Chris Lalancette wrote:
>> Dave Allan wrote:
>>> Attached is a fully functional version of the node device udev based 
>>> backend, incorporating all the feedback from earlier revisions.  I broke 
>>> the new capability fields out into a separate patch per Dan's 
>>> suggestion, and I have also included a patch removing the DevKit backend.
>> 3)  I took a look at how the network is represented in the XML.  In the HAL
>> backend, we get something that looks like:
>> <device>
>>   <name>net_00_13_20_f5_fa_e3</name>
>>   <parent>pci_8086_10bd</parent>
>>   <capability type='net'>
>>     <interface>eth0</interface>
>>     <address>00:13:20:f5:fa:e3</address>
>>     <capability type='80203'/>
>>   </capability>
>> </device>
>> That "<capability type='80203'/>" looks to be bogus (although I could be wrong;
>> that same XML is encoded into the tests, so maybe there is something else going
>> on).  You are already in a <capability> block, so that should probably just be
>> "<type='80203'/>".  The same problem occurs in the udev backend.
> Why do you think the '<capability type='80203'/>'  bit is bogus ?   That looks
> correct to me, showing that eth0 is a ethernet device (as opposed to a 80211
> wireless, or neither)

Oh, I think the concept is useful, it's just that the way it is represented in
the XML looks weird:

<capability type='net'>
    <capability type='80203'/>

Shouldn't this rather be:

<capability type='net'>


<capability type='net' subtype='80203'>

Or something like that?

Chris Lalancette

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