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Re: [libvirt] libvirt socket closed unexpectedly / libvirt broken pipe

(sorry for a really late reply)

Dave wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to get eucalyptus v1.5.2 working with debian lenny, the
> relevant versions of libvirt software installed are from the apt-get
> repos, which are:
> # dpkg -l|grep libvirt
> ii  libvirt-bin                         0.4.6-10                   the
> programs for the libvirt library
> ii  libvirt0                            0.4.6-10                  
> library for interfacing with different virtualization systems
> The the conf file looks like so:
> # cat libvirtd.conf|grep -v '#'
> unix_sock_group = "libvirt"
> unix_sock_rw_perms = "0770"
> auth_unix_ro = "none"
> auth_unix_rw = "none"
> -----
> my eucalyptus nc.log has the following error, which i believe is the
> issue, basically any instance i start, terminates about a minute later
> by itself, any guidance or help is much appreciated
> [Sat Aug 15 03:20:41 2009][004602][EUCAERROR ] libvirt: socket closed
> unexpectedly (code=39)
> [Sat Aug 15 03:20:43 2009][004602][EUCAERROR ] libvirt: Broken pipe
> (code=38)
> thoughts? ideas?

These broken pipe messages are often caused because the libvirtd daemon crashed.
 I'd suggest to look into that, run "ulimit -c unlimited", then run libvirtd by
hand, collect the core file and see what's going on.  Note that there have been
a lot of crash fixes in libvirt since 0.4.6, so you're best bet for getting help
is going to be to reproduce on newer libvirt.

Chris Lalancette

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