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Re: [libvirt] Interface driver and ESX support

Let me rephrase my question : )

In the current libvirt infrastructure I can do a lot of things with libvirt and a remote ESX node
I can list all the guests
I can suspend a guest
I can get a lot of node info
and much more....

can I (for example)
1. add NIC to a guest domain
2. list all the physical interfaces on a node

If not - what do I need to develop
should I expand the current driver
should I need to develop a new interface driver(like netcf) 
maybe I can assign the current esx driver as the interface driver and expand it to handle the relvant requests

10x again


From: Chris Lalancette <clalance redhat com>
To: Shahar Klein <shaharklein yahoo com>
Cc: veillard redhat com; libvir-list redhat com
Sent: Tuesday, September 8, 2009 5:55:42 PM
Subject: Re: [libvirt] Interface driver and ESX support

Shahar Klein wrote:
> mmm

> I would like to get host(i.e. node) interface info
> as well as domain(guest) network/interface info

> I will probably would like to set/manipulate the node and domains as well
> but it is simpler to start with the get functions - isn't it?

> Did I totally misunderstood the architecture?

More or less, yes (at least for the ESX driver).  The ESX driver is a bit
special, and different from some of the other drivers in that you don't run a
libvirtd on the target machine.  It accesses the ESX API's via SOAP on the
remote machine.  So what the libvirt driver can do is limited by what the ESX
API's can do.  If the ESX API's can do the sort of enumeration you are talking
about, then I think it would be possible to implement it, although it would
require an entirely new interface driver.

Chris Lalancette

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