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Re: [libvirt] Interface driver and ESX support

Shahar Klein wrote:
> Let me rephrase my question : )
> In the current libvirt infrastructure I can do a lot of things with
> libvirt and a remote ESX node
> I can list all the guests
> I can suspend a guest
> I can get a lot of node info
> and much more....
> can I (for example)
> 1. add NIC to a guest domain

>From looking at the current libvirt ESX driver (in src/esx/esx_driver.c), it
looks like no, this is not implemented yet.

> 2. list all the physical interfaces on a node

This is also not implemented yet.

> If not - what do I need to develop
> should I expand the current driver

For case 1) above, you should certainly expand the current driver (although
again, this all depends on whether the ESX SOAP API supports this operation,
which I can't answer).

For case 2) above, it's a lot more tricky.  If you look at
src/interface_driver.c, that is one network interface driver that can enumerate
all of the physical devices on a host (using netcf as the backend).  *If* the
ESX SOAP API's provide something similar, then you possibly could write a new
network interface driver for ESX that used the SOAP API's on the backend.  This
would be a whole new interface driver, and may require new API's (although I'm
not sure about this, since I don't know the interface driver very well).

Chris Lalancette

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