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Re: [libvirt] vnet<X>'s & interfaceStats().. KVM device numbering confusion?

On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 02:57:28AM -0700, r-c rocketmail com wrote:
> Under my new KVM config I've realised that vnet<X> is brought up in a 'first free' fashion as opposed to a counter in the Xen case. This leaves me scratching my head a little bit, say I have a domain which has ended up with ID = 8, but may for instance have network 'vnet1' associated with it. I'm not sure how I can determine any association between the domain & which interface belongs to it! (e.g. a call to domain.interfaceStats() requires the correct network interface as a parameter).
> Surely I must be missing something here? Anyone have any advice/workaround for this situation? Ideally I would like to either be able to hardcode vnet-labels in the XML description (tried but it's ignored), or otherwise keep vnet numbering in sync with domain ID.

  Ask libvirt for the XML config while the domain is running, you should
see the interface there I think, try "virsh dumpxml 8" 


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