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Re: [libvirt] Python binding to virConnectListInterfaces

On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 03:26:01AM -0700, Shahar Klein wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to implement virConnectListInterfaces for the ESX driver
> (actually the esx_interface driver)
> but the python generator does not write the code for this function

  yes, basically it doesn't know how to handle char **const names

> in generator.py this function is in a special table called: skip_impl
> and there is a comment saying:
> # Class methods which are written by hand in libvir.c but the Python-level
> # code is still automatically generated (so they are not in skip_function())
> I'm not sure what does it mean 

  add the function name there so that the generator won't try to add the

> should I implement in libvir.c? 

 yes and

> and I'm done?

 add an entry for the function in python/libvirt-python-api.xml
that's an XML description of the intefaces fow which bindings are
implemented manually.
 I guess if you have the 3 you should be all set. See for example
how virConnectListDomains is handled, that should be fairly similar
except with strings.


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