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Re: [libvirt] [RFC, PATCH] network: add 'netboot' option to dhcp config

Hi Paolo,

> Since there is only one TFTP server running in the network

IIRC, it's possible to have more than one: the Server-Name (id 66) of the DHCP 
response specifies which. However, we probably only ever want to start one 
server, so the <tftp> tag should work fine.

> , it is not
> possible to specify different roots for different dhcp ranges.  I think
> the schema should be
>      <ip address="" netmask="">
>        <tftp root="/srv/tftp">
>        <dhcp>
>          <range start="" end="" />
>          <bootp file="pxeboot.img"/>
>        </dhcp>
>      </ip>

If you want it to be specific to the range, shouldn't it be within the <range> 
tag? Currently the code will only parse one <dhcp> tag.

Otherwise, looks fine - I'm happy with either method.

One thing that I've tried to keep in mind is that the tftp service may be 
provided by a separate machine in the network, so we may need some way in the 
future to represent that - maybe no <tftp> tag, and use server="w.x.y.z" in 
the bootp tag. Also, would be cool to have separate files for different hosts, 
but that may be thinking too far ahead at this stage :)



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