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[libvirt] RFC: Rename / move / delete files in GIT

With the 0.7.1 relesae out of the way I'd like to suggest that we take 
this time to move around some files in GIT to correct some long standing
wierd/bad naming decisions :-)

The qemud/ directory is better named 'daemon', and some of the things
in there should really have been in the src/ directory. So...

 * qemud/ -> daemon/
 * qemud/qemud.{h,c} daemon/main.{h,c}
 * qemud/default-network.xml ->  src/network/default.xml
 * qemud/libvirtd_qemu.aug src/qemu/qemu.aug
 * qemud/test_libvirtd_qemu.aug src/qemu/test_qemu.aug
 * qemud/remote_protocol.x -> src/remote/remote_protocol.x

In the src/ directory we should move the rest of the drivers into their
own sub-directories. Basically want one sub directory for each of the
'mod_LTLIBRARIES' declared in the src/Makefile.am. This will ensure we
keep separate build dependancies, not accidentally including files that
we shouldn't.

 * src/qemu_*.{c,h} -> src/qemu/
 * src/xen_unified.{c,h} -> src/xen/xen_driver.{c,h}
 * src/xend_*, src/xm_* src/xen_*  -> src/xen/
 * src/test.{c,h} -> src/test/test_driver.{c,h}
 * src/storage*.{c,h} -> src/storage/
 * src/security*.{c,h} -> src/security/
 * src/remote_internal.{c,h} -> src/remote/remote_driver.{c,h}
 * src/interface_driver.c -> src/interface/netcf_driver.c
 * src/network_driver.c -> src/network/network_driver.c
 * src/lxc_* -> src/lxc/
 * src/openvz_* -> src/openvz/
 * src/node_device* -> src/nodedev/

That would just leave all the shared source files in src/. We could
leave them there, or create a src/util/  directory for that stuff.

Move virsh into the tools directory

 * src/virsh.c -> tools/virsh.c
 * docs/virsh.pod -> tools/virsh.pod
 * virsh.1:   delete from GIT

Sanitise naming in python/ directory, to make it clear which are the
manually overriden methods.

 * python/libvir.c -> python/override-api.c
 * python/libvir.py -> python/override-api.py
 * python/libvirt-python-api.xml python/override-api.xml
 * python/libvirt_wrap.h -> python/types.h
 * python/virConnect.py -> python/override-virConnect.py

Cleanup the docs/ directory 

 * docs/*.html.in   -> docs/website/
 * docs/*.html:   delete from GIT
 * docs/devhelp:  delete from GIT
 * docs/html:     delete from GIT
 * docs/libvirt-{api,refs}.xml: delete from GIT
 * docs/examples/ -> examples/
 * docs/test*xml -> examples/xml/test/
 * docs/storage -> examples/xml/storage/

Remove include/libvirt/libvirt.h from GIT

For there places where I list 'delete from GIT', we would ensure that
when you run 'make dist' the files are still included in the tar.gz

NB, we would also update the cron job that deploys the website on
libvirt.org soo that it runs 'make' in the docs/website directory
to generate the .html files.

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