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Re: [libvirt] RFC: Rename / move / delete files in GIT

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 02:07:58PM +0200, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> >  * qemud/ ->  daemon/
> >  * qemud/qemud.{h,c} daemon/main.{h,c}
> >  * qemud/default-network.xml ->   src/network/default.xml
> >  * qemud/libvirtd_qemu.aug src/qemu/qemu.aug
> >  * qemud/test_libvirtd_qemu.aug src/qemu/test_qemu.aug
> >  * qemud/remote_protocol.x ->  src/remote/remote_protocol.x
> 100% agreed (I would have chosen libvirtd/ and libvirtd/libvirtd.{h,c} 
> but that's my taste).
> >In the src/ directory we should move the rest of the drivers into their
> >own sub-directories. Basically want one sub directory for each of the
> >'mod_LTLIBRARIES' declared in the src/Makefile.am.
> This is a good idea.  Do you plan to make separate makefiles too?

I'm undecided, but it is probably best to just keep a single Makefile.am 
in src/  because that will let make parallelize the build better which
is important when I build with 'make -j 16' :-)

In fact in many ways it'd be nice to have a 100% non-recursive make
so we can express the true build dependancies for everything instead
of having to rely on SUBDIR build ordering for things like python/
depending on apibuild.py under docs/  But one step at a time. 

> Also, it would be nice to rename moddir to modexecdir; the name is 
> awful, but it ensures that Automake's "make install-exec" installs them 
> rather than "make install-data".

I don't particularly care about the name choice, so fine to rename
it to modexecdir instead.

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