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[libvirt] [PATCH: 0/MANY] Re-arrange files in the source tree

This is a followup to


I am not actually going to spam the list with all the patches, since
it'd generate a HUGE series of mails.

Instead I have published a branch containing all the patches which you
can directly pull into your GIT checkout. I recommend you do the
following set of steps.

 - make maintainer-clean
 - git checkout master
 - git pull
 - git remote add -f danb git://gitorious.org/~berrange/libvirt/staging.git
 - git checkout -b rearrange danb/rearrange

You will now have a checkout on a branch called 'rearrange' containing
all my patches applied.

If you want to go straight into building it, the normal build process
still applies  eg  ./autogen && make

I've committed the changes in a large series of steps to make it easier
to see what's going on at each point. To see the list of changes run
the following

  git log -b berrange/rearrange master..

The changes basically follow everything we discussed in the previous 

I've added a src/README file which describes the split of sub-directories.
I'll reproduce the content here for convenience

       libvirt library code README

The directory provides the bulk of the libvirt codebase. Everything
except for the libvirtd daemon and client tools. The build uses a
large number of libtool convenience libraries - one for each child
directory, and then links them together for the final libvirt.so,
although some bits get linked directly to libvirtd daemon instead.

The files directly in this directory are supporting the public API
entry points & data structures.

There are two core shared modules to be aware of:

 * util/  - a collection of shared APIs that can be used by any
            code. This directory is always in the include path
            for all things built

 * conf/  - APIs for parsing / manipulating all the official XML
            files used by the public API. This directory is only
            in the include path for driver implementation modules

Then there are the hypervisor implementations:

 * esx/          - VMWare ESX and GSX support using XMLRPC
 * lxc/          - Linux Native Containers
 * opennebula/   - Open Nebula using XMLRPC
 * openvz/       - OpenVZ containers using cli tools
 * phyp/         - IBM Power Hypervisor using CLI tools over SSH
 * qemu/         - QEMU / KVM using qemu CLI/monitor
 * remote/       - Generic libvirt native RPC client
 * test/         - A "mock" driver for testing
 * uml/          - User Mode Linux
 * vbox/         - Virtual Box using native API
 * xen/          - Xen using hypercalls, XenD SEXPR & XenStore

Finally some secondary drivers that are shared for several HVs.
Currently these are used by LXC, OpenVZ, QEMU, UML and Xen drivers.
The ESX, OpenNebula, Power Hypervisor, Remote, Test & VirtualBox
drivers all implement the secondary drivers directly

 * interface/    - Host network interface management
 * network/      - Virtual NAT networking
 * node_device/  - Host device enumeration
 * secret/       - Secret management
 * security/     - Mandatory access control drivers
 * storage/      - Storage management drivers

Since both the hypervisor and secondary drivers can be built as
dlopen()able modules, it is *FORBIDDEN* to have build dependancies
between these directories. Drivers are only allowed to depend on
the public API, and the internal APIs in the util/ and conf/

For the docs directory, I left the docs/libvirt-{api,refs}.xml files
in GIT as Daniel requested. I have removed the *.html, devhelp/*.html
and html/*.html files though. These are all re-generated when doing
make in the docs directory, and the generated HTML is included in
the tar.gz when doing make dist. So end users won't have to rebuild
them, only libvirt developers

The example programs & XML is now all under examples/ with various

The qemud/ directory is renamed to daemon/

The python/ directory has its file nameing changed and the genrator
tweaked so that its more obvious which are generated files and which
are manually written.

virsh has moved to the tools/ directory, and the docs/pki_check.sh
file has been turned into a real installed tool, tools/virt-pki-validate
along with man page.

A few minor bugs were fixed along the way (eg bogus include files
discovered when files were moved) & unused png/gif images in docs/

There should be no FUNCTIONAL change in any of this work though. It
is a pure re-arrangement of files.

Please try out a build using this 'rearrange' branch from gitorious.
Since this is a huge change I'd like to apply this to the master repo
as soon as people can verify its doing the right thing for them.

FWIW, I checked an RPM build and 'make distcheck' too with no issues.

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