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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 00/11] Generic data stream handling

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> I still see a safewrite() in the your virStreamWrite() impl in the
> code currently pushed to gitorious.or, but perhaps you've changed
> that locally already. The other thing is that if the stream  open

Yeah, sorry, I just never pushed it up to gitorious.  I'll make the changes
along with the virSetNonBlock() and push it up there, probably tomorrow.

> flags included VIR_STREAM_NONBLOCK, you must make sur eyou put your
> socket in non-blocking mode, eg
>     if ((st->flags & VIR_STREAM_NONBLOCK) &&
>         virSetNonBlock(create ? fds[1] : fds[0]) < 0) {
>         virReportSystemError(st->conn, errno, "%s",
>                              _("cannot make stream non-blocking"));
>         goto error;
>     }
> in your stream open method. That shouldn't have caused a crash though - it
> would merely make libvirtd non-responsive for a while it QEMU blocked
> the incoming migration socket.
> All in all though the code looks reasonable and I don't see any obvious
> problems. I'll have to try running it to see if any crash appears....


Chris Lalancette

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