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Re: [libvirt] Some problem with the save function

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
>> - the second problem is present since libvirt 0.7.1. Now that the saved
>> file can be compressed, it seems we cannot save in a raw format any
>> more. This is due to this part in the code (qemu_driver.c):
>> if (STREQ (prog, "raw"))
>>         prog = "cat";
>>     internalret = virAsprintf(&command, "migrate \"exec:"
>>                               "%s -c >> '%s' 2>/dev/null\"", prog,
>> safe_path);
>> which result in "migrate \"exec cat -c >> safe_path 2>/dev/null\""
>> But cat doesn't support the -c argument, so once again, the save fails,
>> as we end up with a save file which only contains the header and the XML
>> definition.
> Wierd, I don't know where/when we gained a '-c' arg to cat but it
> looks rather bogus. 

There was a lot of back and forth around this area.  I think Jim ended up
committing a patch using cat instead of the old "dd" method, and that's probably
what broke it here.

I can come up with a patch to fix at least the first 2 things here.

Chris Lalancette

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