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Re: [libvirt] regarding the network information for Domain

Le vendredi 18 septembre 2009 à 18:26 +0530, anuj rampal a écrit :
> Hi all,
> im trying to call libvirt api from windows.
> I have created a guest OS(windows) using the libvirt api from my
> windows machine.
> It gets created fine it also gets the the IP address from the DHCP
> also.
> So all works fine.
> Now to RDP into the machine what I have to do is 
> 1. logon to my host machine.
> 2. open the guest OS using either "virt-viewer" or "virt-manager".
> 3. check out the IP address of the machine.
> 4. then RDP into the guest OS.
> My Question:
> Is there a way to find The IP address of the Guest OS.???

You should be able to give your guest a fixed IP:


Regards, Daniel

Daniel Berteaud
Société de Services en Logiciels Libres
Technopôle Montesquieu
Tel : 05 56 64 15 32
Fax : 05 56 64 15 32
Mail: daniel firewall-services com
Web : http://www.firewall-services.com

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