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Re: [libvirt] Miscellaneous fixes to build with -Werror

Chris Lalancette wrote:
> Charles Duffy wrote:
>> HACKING suggests compiling with --enable-compile-warnings=error before 
>> submitting any patches; however, current master fails for me on this 
>> account (CentOS 5.3; gcc 4.1.2).
>> Please see attached. I suspect most of these should be uncontroversial 
>> -- but wonder if perhaps virStrcpy uses would be better converted to 
>> virStrcpyStatic rather than adding virStrcpy to the symbol list as done 
> That's not possible in general.  The problem with virStrcpyStatic is that it
> *has* to be a macro, and not only that, the users *have* to know that
> sizeof(src) returns something meaningful.  Some callers do not, and cannot,
> provide for that, so those callsites have to use virStrcpy.  I think adding it
> to the symbol table will have to suffice, although I'm curious about warnings
> themselves (since I compiled on RHEL-5.4 yesterday, and don't remember seeing
> any warnings at all).  Can you post the warnings that you are seeing?

Actually, I take this (partially) back.  I had forgotten to add on the
--enable-compile-warnings=error, so I missed the warnings in the sea of output.
 So all of your fixes except for the virStrcpy() one I saw, and in point of fact
those are all real bugs.  (The log_level fix in qemudSetLogging() does also seem
right; it's possible that we don't set the var_name in GET_CONF_INT if we don't
find it in the config file, so initializing it to 0 seems to be the right thing
to do).

I didn't see the error about the virStrcpy one, so I would still be curious as
to what you are seeing there.

Chris Lalancette

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