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Re: [libvirt] Virsh migrate --live fails

Subba Rao, Sandeep M (STSD) wrote:
> Hi,
>  I'm trying to live move a domU using virsh migrate command:
> [root RHEL53Xen1 ~]# xm list
> Name                                      ID Mem(MiB) VCPUs State   Time(s)
> Copy_RHELVM3                               1      511     1 -b----    898.3
> Domain-0                                   0     1507     4 r----- 133702.5
> [root RHEL53Xen1 ~]# virsh migrate --live Copy_RHELVM3 xen+ssh://
> error: server closed connection

Often this is because libvirtd crashed.  After this command, check that libvirtd
is still running, and if not, you might want to collect the core dump from it
and get the output of "thread apply all bt".

> [root RHEL53Xen1 ~]#
> However the same works using xm migrate --live.
> The source and the destination are RHEL 5.3 Xen hosts.
> Libvirt:
> [root RHEL53Xen1 ~]# rpm -qa | grep libvirt
> libvirt-0.3.3-14.el5
> libvirt-devel-0.3.3-14.el5
> libvirt-cim-0.5.1-4.el5
> libvirt-python-0.3.3-14.el5

At this point, though, this is an ancient libvirt.  I would suggest at least
upgrading to the RHEL-5.4 version of libvirt, and see if you can reproduce the
issue.  If you can, then I would try again with the recently released 0.7.1, and
if you are still having problems, then collect the information like I mentioned

Chris Lalancette

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