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[libvirt] Screenshot


Got my git/hg builds of libvirtd/virt-manager running together with kvm. Took some time but finally think I'm getting the
hang of it.

I noticed two things going from my pre-packaged Debian packages.

The older xml files I had seemed to generate a faulty kvm cmdline:
   <disk type='file' device='cdrom'>
      <target dev='hdc' bus='ide'/>

This seems to translate into a -drive file=,... The file argument for kvm may be empty but should then not be defined:
"If you don’t specify the "file=" argument, you define an empty drive". As a result the first vm I tried to start came back
with a message saying it could not open the diskfile.

Additionally, check below screenshot; the vm names appear to be missing. Here's the complete XML of one vm,
did anything change coming from this one?

<domain type='kvm'>
    <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc'>hvm</type>
    <boot dev='hd'/>
  <clock offset='utc'/>
    <disk type='file' device='disk'>
      <source file='/kvmimages/vm1.qcow2'/>
      <target dev='vda' bus='virtio'/>
    <interface type='bridge'>
      <mac address='54:52:00:0a:dc:10'/>
      <source bridge='br0'/>
      <model type='virtio'/>
    <serial type='pty'>
      <source path='/dev/pts/1'/>
      <target port='0'/>
    <console type='pty' tty='/dev/pts/1'>
      <source path='/dev/pts/1'/>
      <target port='0'/>
    <input type='mouse' bus='ps2'/>
    <graphics type='vnc' port='-1' autoport='yes' keymap='en-us'/>

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