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Re: [libvirt] Tentative schedule for next release

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 03:29:49PM +0100, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 04:24:16PM +0200, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> >   I'm suggesting to try to push 0.7.2 around Fri 16 Oct, we already have
> > a number of cleanup patches in and serious improvements for ESX driver.
> > If we go with that plan I think patches and big changes should be pushed
> > in the tree by Fri 9, this includes among other things the AppArmor
> > security driver.
> I think it would be nice to get back on an end-of-the-month release
> schedule. It was nice to have predictability that the date was approx
> the 30/31st of the month. If we did two 5 week  cycles instead of 4
> week cycles we'd be trivially aligned again, Fri 23 Oct and then
> Fri 27 Nov, etc

  Hum, understood but I would prefer 2 releases than one big one, so
what about
     9/10 code freeze for 0.7.2
    16/10 release of 0.7.2
    23/10 code freeze for 0.7.3
    30/10 release of 0.7.3

this mean a bit more churn on the releases push but I prefer than than
waiting 6 weeks, I didn that the last time and IMHO that was too long.
And that should not block development too much, if by the 9 some feature
is not ready keep it warm until after 0.7.2, unless there is really a
set of dependant changes, the intermediate week of bug fixes should not
really affect productivity, right ?


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