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[libvirt] Domain not stable while created...


  I am using Scientific Linux 5.4 and xen. I want to deploy a sample ttyimage by creating a domain using virsh create.

My configuration file is :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<domain type='xen'>
        <graphics type='vnc' port='5900'/>
        <disk type='file'>
            <source file='/usr/local/ttylinux-xen-libvirt/ttylinux-xen.img' />
            <target dev='sda' />
        <interface type='bridge'>
            <source bridge='virbr0' />
            <mac address='00:1d:60:ec:ae:1c' />
            <target dev='testnimb-0' />


when I use  "virsh -c "xen:///" create libvirt-ttylinux.xml " to create a domain, the domain is crated and i can view the image (in paused mode) using the virt-manager. and when I resume the image it ,disappears (domain gets destroyed) after nearly 10 seconds.....
 Further when I use vncviewer localhost::5900 when the image is running (during the 10 sec) ,i can view the console. But it closes once the domain is destroyed.

Can someone explain why the image is not stable??? how can I make the domain to be stable????

Thanks in advance

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