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Re: [libvirt] unable to set security context (NFSv4 problem?)

Harald Dunkel wrote:
Hi folks,

On 04/15/10 22:06, Spencer Shimko wrote:
What is security_driver set to in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf?

It is not set at all. AFAICS there is no man page for qemu.conf,
but according to KISS I had assumed that the security_driver
stuff is disabled by default. Is it?
According to the comments in qemu.conf on Fedora, if SELinux is enabled on the host then security_driver defaults to selinux. This is probably the case on Debian too.
Out of curiosity, are you using the SELinux support in Debian?

For both NFS client and server:

selinux is enabled in the kernel. Debian's libselinux1 package
is installed, too, because it seems to be an essential dependency
for other packages. There are no selinux policies set up, and the
selinux-basics package is not installed, either.

Would you suggest to rebuild the kernel without selinux?
Run /usr/sbin/sestatus to reliably check the status of SELinux on your system. If it reports "SELinux status: enabled" try setting the security_driver field to "none".


(Apologies for any thread butchery that has occurred. My initial response was from the wrong email account and didn't hit the list as a result.)
BTW, the NFS server uses reiserfs for its exported partitions.



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