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Re: [libvirt] iface-list command in virsh


Yes I know that, and I use the fedora 12 distro, with netcf support and libvirt rpm are compiled with netcf support. That's why it works when I am root, but only when I am root

From: "Matthias Bolte" <matthias bolte googlemail com>
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 11:08 PM
To: "Dev.Atom" <arnaud champion devatom fr>
Cc: <libvir-list redhat com>
Subject: Re: [libvirt] iface-list command in virsh

2010/4/19 Dev.Atom <arnaud champion devatom fr>:

I'm trying to list physical interface of a remote tcp host via the C API and it fails. I have tried to use virsh iface-list in remote TCP connection and it fails also. I have trying on the libvirt host with my normal account and
it fails also, but when I connect under root account on the libvirt host,
iface-list works. Any clue ?

The current interface driver used in combination with libvirtd is
nefcf [1] based. If your libvirt is compiled without netcf then there
will be no interface support for QEMU, Xen and so on.

You'll also need to have a distro (e.g. Fedora) that supports netcf or
is supported by netcf, because netcf handles the interface
configuration files and those are in different locations of have other
distro dependent differences.

[1] https://fedorahosted.org/netcf/


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