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Re: [libvirt] Extensions to the libvirt Storage API

On 07/28/2010 01:24 PM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

>>>  We explicitly don't support external driver plugins in libvirt for a
>>>  couple of reasons
>>>    - We don't want to support use of closed source plugins
>>>    - We don't want to guarentee stability of any aspect of
>>>      libvirt's internal API
>>>  We would like to see support for the various vendor specific iSCSI
>>>  extensions to allow volume creation/deletion, but want that code to
>>>  be part of the libvirt codebase.
The APIs can also invoke standard snmpget/set methods to talk to the target.

All standard distributions ship with a net-snmp implementation.

Would an implementation of the APIs that invokes snmpset/gets be an amenable solution?

 Namespace clash ! The virDomainSnapshot APIs are per-hypervisor. They
 do snapshotting of the guest VM (including its storage).

 I was actually just talking about the storage backends though which
can do snapshots independently of any hypervisor. See the<backingstorage>
 element here:


 This is already implemented with the LVM pool doing LVM snapshots. We
 also use it for external qcow2 backing files.

There are certain benefits of allowing snapshots/backup to happen in the storage and thereby save CPU cycles. It becomes even more visible with large TB storage where in a simple qcow2 backup copy could take a long time.

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