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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 2/2] build-sys: distribute the man pages in the tarball

Il giorno ven, 06/08/2010 alle 06.52 -0600, Eric Blake ha scritto:
> This says to nuke the distributed man page.  Which means 'make && make
> clean && make' is once again requiring those extra tools.
I wanted to stay as close as possible to the original, since I know
people tend to be touchy about these rebuilds ;)

> The patch needs to move distributed man pages out of CLEANFILES and
> into

Yah, agreed. Will change it in a moment then

> I'm also wondering if we need a hook in 'make dist' to ensure the man
> pages are up-to-date (now that the developers don't rebuild it from a
> fresh tarball, the maintainer should now make sure that a stale copy
> from incremental builds does not sneak into the tarball).

As far as I can see, this would still trigger a rebuild if timestamp
don't match even if it's distributed, so it shouldn't be a problem at
all. The important part is that dist/ditcheck is built with libvirtd
enabled and not disabled.

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