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Re: [libvirt] Block-migrate

On 08/11/2010 11:35 PM, Ruben Kerkhof wrote:
On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 14:22, Ruben Kerkhof<ruben rubenkerkhof com>  wrote:

Actually, I've got it working now, with the --direct option and the
--p2p --direct option.
The tunneled method fails though. I'm trying to debug this now.

I've got the tunnelled method working now as well, but had to disable
the security driver on the destination host, and run qemu as

Hi Ruben,

Chris Lalancette was kind enough to look into why libvirt was requiring root:root QEMU ownership for tunnelled migration to work. He found the problem (temporary socket file being located in root owned directory) and submitted the patch last night.

The next release of libvirt (0.8.4) should therefore allow qemu:qemu owned QEMU to work. :)

Note, I only tested the standard "shared storage" tunnelled migration, rather than block migration too. Personally not sure if there are further gotchas in block migration code waiting to be found. ;)

Hope that helps.

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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